Working Hunter
Show Jumping
Concours D'Elegance
Combined Training:
Elementary: Intro test & 50 cm jumps
Advanced: Prelim test & 70 cm jumps
Book dressage test online
Enter Class on arrival
Jumping course in Ring 2,
11:30 am - 1 pm
Ring 1:

Show jumping 50 cm - 90 cm

Ring 2:

Clear round practice

Combined Training Jumping

Lead-rein and novice show jumpers

- No scary fillers in the first two pony classes - small fillers otherwise

Ring 2A:

Handy Equine - All day

Ring 3:

Ridden showing and Working Hunter classes

Concours D'Elegance

Ring 4:

Lead-Rein, In-Hand and First Ridden showing

Ring 5:

Dressage & Combined Training -

Prelim and Intro tests

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