Health & Safety

Equestrian sports and activities have elements of danger for the riders, spectators, helpers and horses/ponies.

The Telford Riding Club Committee have carried out a risk assessment and have improved their procedures and rules to ensure that the risks are understood and minimised where possible. However there continues to be an obligation on all members, spectators and visitors to the showground to behave in a responsible way to minimise these dangers to themselves and to others.


The Committee requires that all accidents and dangerous incidents are reported to the secretary and welcome all observations that will help to improve the health and safety of all visitors to the showground.


Equine Flu Vaccinations

The current vaccination policy at TRC is as follows:

A valid passport and vaccination record MUST accompany the horse / pony to ALL shows. These must be available for inspection on request at any time during the event. Any horse / pony without a passport and valid vaccination record will be sent home (plus any travel companions). Anyone who presents documents that do not match the horse or pony will be asked to leave and face a club ban.

Spot checks will take place throughout all our shows to ensure that they are still up-to-date as the season progresses. 

All passports need to be produced for inspection upon arrival at the showground. 

Vaccination records can be sent to the show committee ahead of each show, but they will still need to be available on request.

Please send passport and vaccination records to Hannah Riley, email: 

Photographic Rights

Members and their parents/guardians give permission for any photographic and/or film or TV footage taken of persons or horses/ponies taking part in at Telford Riding Club shows to be used and published in any media whatsoever for editorial purposes, press information or advertising by or on behalf of the club.  The club will select photographs for publication with care and respect for those shown.

Consideration for our host

We have noticed increasing amounts of litter being left on the showground.  Please take all your litter with you.

After the last show we found several drinks bottles and cans, ice cream tubs and spoons and polystyrene cups littering the field.  In the lorry yard there were a couple of plastic bags full of rubbish.

Not only is this dangerous for the livestock but it is unsightly and makes more work for us.

Please take your litter home.  If you see anyone littering then ask them to pick it up and if they refuse then let us know.


Do not spoil a fun day by an act of thoughtlessness.  TAKE YOUR LITTER HOME!!